Why coinbase is Launching a Voter Registration & Education Initiative

Coinbase launched a namer enrollment tool as part of a broader education action to give the crypto community tools to share in the critical policy conversations passing across the United States. We’ve heard loud and clear from our guests that they want to get involved in these debates and are looking for trusted coffers, tools, and support to help them be heard.

Why Now?
Moment, further than ever, crypto and web3 are cemented as motifs of public interest and political debate. Political campaigners are talking about them, the public is interested in them, and the crypto community wants to help shape them. This is especially true as we approach the 2022 quiz choices in the United States, where nearly 1 in 4 homes( 24 to be exact) own cryptocurrency, according to a 2022 Morning Consult report.

We don’t regularly talk about politics at Coinbase, but we’ve always said that we will engage in the political process at moments when it relates to our charge of adding profitable freedom in the world. The 2022U.S. researches are one of those moments. Being informed and being engaged are charge critical for the future of crypto.
In the coming many times, legislation and regulations will be developed that will help shape the direction of our assiduity for the coming decades. In this Congress alone, further than 50 bills have been introduced aiming to shape some aspect of the crypto nonsupervisory geography. And policymakers are just getting started.

Put simply, these time’s U.S. quiz choices are the most important in crypto’s history. The leaders we handpick in November will be making crucial opinions about how crypto, blockchain, and web3 are regulated. It’s essential that our tagged leaders understand the eventuality of crypto and support a policy frame that fosters uninterrupted invention then in the United States and forward progress toward a future of profitable freedom for everyone in the world. For our part, Coinbase will continue to be a mate to lawgivers and controllers as these exchanges play out.
Why Voter coffers?

We’ve also heard from the crypto community and our guests that they want to understand how these ongoing debates will impact the future of crypto, and they’re eager for coffers that help them engage in and shape these exchanges. We know that two of the biggest walls to sharing in the political process are education on the issues and access to voting. Helping empower the crypto community by helping them overcome these walls is at the heart of our namer enrollment and education program. We’re eager to do our part by furnishing trusted coffers for crypto choosers on the issues, campaigners, and political processes that will define crypto’s future. With all this, we’re calling on the crypto community to register and get involved this fall by learning about the campaigners and the issues, by chancing openings to talk to representatives and campaigners, including at city halls and seeker forums, and, overall, by voting.
Sensible and workable crypto regulations are critical for maintainingU.S. competitiveness and unleashing invention. Engaging in the 2022U.S. quiz choices gives everyone a chance to be an important part of the discussion on the future of crypto.

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