McLaren Automotive and Athletic Propulsion Labs launch new HySpeed™ luxury footwear collaboration

McLaren Automotive, the luxury supercar maker, and APL, the high-performance athletic footwear brand, have joined forces to produce a new range of luxury footwear that further progresses design, performance, technology, and construction.

Inspired by McLaren’s iconic supercars and hypercars, the first immolation from the collaboration is the limited-edition APL| McLaren HySpeed ™, a stirring new figure designed as an all-purpose performance running coach which marks the luxury supercar maker’s first footwear collaboration.

Born from invention and embedded in technology, the history of these two iconic companies has followed an analogous path that brings them together to form a new future. Whether it be on the court, the road or the track, APL and McLaren have always driven to push performance to new situations.

From APL’s patented cargo ‘ N Launch ® technology designed to incontinently increase perpendicular vault, to McLaren’s hyperactive luxury Speedtail and emphasis on reducing vehicle weight to maximise effectiveness and experience, the desire to push the limits is at the heart of each company.
Combining the pursuit of performance and luxurious accoutrements with world-class artificer, state-of-the-art manufacturing ways and bold aesthetics, APL and McLaren represent the zenith of luxury and performance.

With similar close parallels, the collaboration was naturally guided by McLaren’s design pillars to produce a truly unique footwear collection. This has redounded in the development of a new range of footwear that progresses design, performance, technology, and construction in the luxury footwear order.
This one-of-a-kind footwear from the APL| McLaren collaboration has redounded in an entirely new figure being developed, the APL| McLaren HySpeed ™, which is designed as an all-purpose performance running coach launching in five bespoke colourways, directly told by McLaren’s supercars.

The APL| McLaren HySpeed ™ features a three-piece segmented midsole with APL FutureFoam capsules in the front and reverse that are connected by a full-length featherlight carbon fibre plate outgunned by each-new nitrogen invested midsole emulsion that’s finagled for supreme responsiveness and energy-rich contraction.
Also, the shoe has a microfibre heel with extended bodies and an internal advanced fitment system with three-piece bumper heel padding and APL’s hand Souffle Sockliner.

The outsole also references design details of McLaren’s supercars, featuring a tread pattern inspired by performance tyres that are designed for speed and grip.

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