Maserati at Monterey Car Week 2022

The event, which began with the North American debut of the MC20 Cielo – the new open-top interpretation of the MC20 super sports auto, continued with conditioning at the exclusive “ House of Maserati ” at Pebble Beach. The capstone was the Trident brand displaying its rearmost addition at the “ Pebble Beach Concoursd’Elegance ”.

The 630- hp convertible interpretation was the star of the show, with thousands of suckers given the occasion to respect the new auto under the California sky. SUV and the MC20 Coupé super sports auto,
Hard, the elegant “ House of Maserati ” was created to give a suitably luxurious representation of the Trident brand’s style, offering its musketeers typical Italian ‘ La Dolce Vita ’ hospitality along with the option to witness the audio performance of the prestigious sound system from Sonus Faber, one of the Modena automaker’s mates. The “ House of Maserati ” was designed to give its guests a unique experience, featuring certain typical aspects of the brand’s DNA- comfort, design, fineness, and style.

On Sunday, at the main event in the “ Pebble Beach Concoursd’Elegance ”, the MC20 Cielo was the true star of the show on the Concept Field, attracting the attention of all the suckers who – for the first time in North America – could see up near a first-of-its-kind auto, which can deliver the performance of a true super sports auto, together with an immersive driving pleasure the like of which has noway been seen ahead.

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