Diablo: the legendary Lamborghini V12, defining super sports cars in its decade

In 2022 Lamborghini is celebrating the V12, the fabulous 12- cylinder machine that has powered its utmost iconic models nearly 60 times. The Diablo is one model the first-ever Lamborghini super sports auto offered in a four-wheel drive interpretation. When it made its debut, the Diablo was so ahead of its time that it was linked as a series product hypercar. Officially presented on 21 January 1990 during Lamborghini Day at the Sporting in Monte Carlo, the 12- cylinder machine originally delivered a relegation of5.7 liters and latterly6.0 liters, producing a maximum power affair of nearly 600 HP in the road performances and 655 HP in the GT1 Stradale model for the racetrack, of which only two units were made.

The “ pure ” V12 combustion machine in its final form will go out of product before the end of 2022 when the last Aventador Ultimae is made. From the coming time, the heir at law to the Aventador will be fitted with a new draw- in the cold-blooded interpretation of the V12 machine.

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